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2016’s Best Bets

January 6, 2017 | Posted in: Analysts, Free Tips, Past Tips

It's been a strong year of growth on TipsterHQ and I thought it was a good time to look back at some of the best bets from 2016.

I was initially only going to look at the top 10 bets but with a few bets sharing the same odds I've decided to include them as well.  In total there are 13 bets and we're going to look at all of those.

2016's Best Bets

10. Jason Mills


The first of Jason Mills mentions in this "2016 Best Bets" article.  Jason was not the only one to pick out the correct winner in this bet but he did get slightly lower odds.

9. The OVC

Past Tip Football

At odds of 6.1 It's fair to say that selecting Bastia to win away at Rennes was a bit "out there".  The OVC has made it clear that his selections are based on value though and this one came in for him as Bastia picked up a 1-2 win.

8 (tied). Stuart


At least I got one mention in the Top 10!  I don't know if it's because my time has been split through my family getting one person larger and running TipsterHQ but my own betting has taken a knock this year.

I've still been able to pick out a few winners through the use of my Head2Head system and this is the biggest.

At odds of 6.25 for a Hull win I was delighted to win this one.

8 (tied). Jason Mills


Jason Mills second mention in this "2016 Best Bets" article (and not the last).  This was a particularly good selection as Sunderland had been on a dismal run in the lead up to this match.

8 (tied). Jason Mills


Not only did Jason pick this one out correctly, he also called the Over 2.5 goals as part of his extra "Over/Unders" service.  Another nice winner for him at odds of 6.25 but this wasn't his biggest winner.

7. Andres Duarte

Past Tip Football

Andres Duarte has been quiet for a while so I don't know if he's coming back to the site at any point.  Regardless he had a couple of big winners in 2016 and this was the first one to show up in the top 10 at odds of 6.3.

I'm not sure how I feel about his use of MarathonBet, give us your thoughts on them in the comments section at the bottom of this article.

6 (tied). omaha

Horse Racing Forum Tip 21

Omaha has come onto the scene in 2016 and done really, really well in his short time on the site.  Horse racing is one area I really want to see us push on with in 2017 and with winners like this (at odds of 6.5) omaha is certainly going to attract some interest.

6 (tied). Jason Mills


A top call from Jason Mills as he correctly predicted a draw between Arsenal and Middlesbrough in this match in October.

At odds of 6.5 this was a really good winner.

5. Jason Mills


The odds dropped on this one as the match approached but Jason Mills squeezed odds of 6.88 out of this one on the day of the match.

It was a shock win for Watford  and was extremely profitable for Jason.

4. Andres Duarte

Past Tip Football

Andres Duarte correctly picked out the winner in this one citing value for the home side at odds of 7.9.

3 (tied). JM LaLiga


I think most people believed that Barcelona would walk through Malaga on the way to 3 points but the JM LaLiga service picked out the draw at fantastic odds (10 with BetVictor).

The JM LaLiga service was introduced by Jason Mills to provide tips on the Spanish Liga.  This was the highest winnign bet of the service so far.

3 (tied). Jason Mills


A winner from the back end of the 2015-16 Premier League season here.  At that point picking out a Swansea win wouldn't be as hard as it has been recently but at odds of 10 there is no way you could say this was an easy selection.

2. Tim Attwood


It seems like a long time ago now but during Euro 2016 Tim Attwood went for an Iceland win against England.  I thought him mad at the time but he got it bang on and also went for the Over 2.5 goals on the same game.

The odds for an Iceland win were 10.5 with BetVictor.  A fantastic bet in reality.  Well done Tim.

1. omaha

Horse Racing Forum Tip 15

The top tip on TipsterHQ in 2016 was from omaha who went for a straight win bet at odds of 12 in the 13.35 at Aintree on the 3rd of December.

His selection of View Lion Rouge was a great pick and although the odds in horse racing do tend to favour horse racing tipsters in articles like this, I think it takes nothing away from a great bet and a great win.

Stuart (Admin)


I've drawn on all my experience from working at BetAdvisor & TipsterAcademy in order to get this site built. It's been a challenge but I'm happy to bring it to you for your use.

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