A plea for support against a No Deal Brexit

March 23, 2019 | Posted in: Uncategorized


This is not a post about sports betting or for free tips.

This is a personal plea to all who follow this page and are UK citizens or tax paying residents.

Maybe a bit of background first:

I have been living in France for 15 years, I have worked hard to get myself into a working position I'm happy with, I've met a beautiful woman, got married and had a child.  My wife is Romanian, my child holds English, French and Romanian nationalities.

Now, because of a vote held over two years ago, where lies were told to secure votes, where proven corruption had a hand in tainting the democratic process and where an inept government decided to act on the "will of the people" instead of trying to find a win-win situation, my livelihood, my rights to live in the country of my choice and my family are all being put at risk.

Perhaps you voted for Brexit, if so, I don't blame you.  You voted for the option you felt best represented you and your wishes.  Is this what you wanted though?  Did you want people to potentially lose their jobs, go homeless, suffer through loss of medication or lack of food?  Did you vote for a potential "No Deal" Brexit or did you vote in an advisory referendum in the understanding that your government would do their best for you and the citizens of your country?

I love my country.  I've been fortunate enough to have the chance to try my hand in a different country, a country I have also grown to love and hopefully I will become a French National in the not too distant future.  I have friends back in the UK, friends who work in industries that are at risk because of the changes that Brexit will bring down.  I have friends with children that need medication.  Friends with parents that can use the best that the NHS can offer.  Friends who don't live too far above the bread line and a small change in their financial situation have cause disastrous effects.

If you voted for Brexit, did you vote for that?

Did you vote for a deal that reduces the UK from rule makers to rule takers?

If you didn't vote for these things or if you have changed your mind since, please consider signing the petition to Revoke Article 50.  It's not too late and by doing so, you can secure the livelihood of millions of people living in Europe, enrich your own country and ensure the health and benefits of your fellow citizens.

Is anything else worth contemplating?

Stuart (Admin)


I've drawn on all my experience from working at BetAdvisor & TipsterAcademy in order to get this site built. It's been a challenge but I'm happy to bring it to you for your use.

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