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My name is Stuart Woodrow and I previously worked as the Head of Tipsters for both BetAdvisor and Tipster Academy.  I also covered the client support side of things for both companies up until the sites were sold back in June 2014.

Since leaving I have been working on my tipster review site Talking Tipsters where I have been focused on identifying what makes a tipster worth following.  I have also been working on my statistical spreadsheets that have helped me clarify my thinking on upcoming matches across Europe.  Through both Talking Tipsters and my regular videos with SportsBook Review I have been able to make those thoughts available to the general public.

I have long felt that the standard idea for a tipster site was lacking in its ability to communicate with the very people that used it and paid for it’s survival.  Communication is almost always one way, tipsters tell you what the selection is and what odds you should take, there is no option for you to inform the tipsters (or those running the site) to tell you what odds you achieved in a way that would be recorded and made available for others to make an informed decision further down the line.


TipsterHQ has been set up to provide professional sports bettors with a different option.  We do not provide a standard subscription service where you just pay your money and take what you are given.

With TipsterHQ you are an integral part of the growth of this site and the results shown by the sports analysts that moderate their specific forums.

You will be able to record your odds for each bet made and we will compile those into a separate graph that shows the average returns made by you and the others that follow that particular sports analysts advice.

As a member of the site you will also have a say in which tipsters are allowed to run their own service.  I have a very small number of tipsters that I am holding spaces for but the rest will come down to the members vote.

I never expected to be able to provide the kind of site I would be proud to represent but after reviewing a number of tipsters on Talking Tipsters I decided it was time to actually step into the ring and stop standing on the sidelines.

I hope to be able to work with the members of this site and put together the ideal site for their needs.  I hope you will join us and work with us in making that a reality.


  1. Jim
    October 31, 2016

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    Please how can i register as a Tipster on TipserHQ?

    Thank you

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