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Last Team Standing Intro & Rules

February 2, 2016 | Posted in: Uncategorized

Welcome to the Last Team Standing competition.  This is a free competition for any TipsterHQ members to join and isn't compulsory for anyone to play (though it would be great if you did).

At the moment we are playing Last Team Standing through the TipsterHQ forum but in the future we will be adding it as a stand alone game with a proper entry system and rankings.

So how do you play?  Well the video attached to this article should explain everything but just in case there is any doubt, here are the basics:

Last Team Standing Rules

  • Select one team per round of fixtures.
  • If that team wins, you get 3 points, if it draws, you get 1 point.
  • Goal difference is counted.
  • You cannot use a team for more than one round of fixtures.
  • You can join late but make sure you check the list of teams that are available to you as we will be making one team unavailable per week.
  • You can check the leaderboards using this" target="_blank">spreadsheet (DropBox link).
  • The winner is the person sitting at the top of the rankings when the competition ends.

It really is very easy.  To enter just go to the TipsterHQ forum (here's a handy link) and look for the latest Last Team Standing article, make your selection and just write your chosen team name as a reply in that thread.

Even if you join late you can still win prizes as I will be looking to give out spot prizes (t-shirts) as new members join.  That's entirely at my discretion though.

Best of luck everyone.

Last Team Standing image

Stuart (Admin)


I’ve drawn on all my experience from working at BetAdvisor & TipsterAcademy in order to get this site built. It’s been a challenge but I’m happy to bring it to you for your use.


  1. Stuart (Admin)

    Stuart (Admin)
    February 5, 2016

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    Round 6 is now open, you can either enter your selection here or post it in the forum topic:

    Here are the teams that any new arrivals can use:

    Man Utd
    West Ham
    West Brom
    Aston Villa

  2. Stuart (Admin)

    Stuart (Admin)
    February 25, 2016

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    Round 8 is now open for entrants. See the matches featured in this round here:

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