Last Team Standing Winner

Last Team Standing: Winner

May 20, 2016 | Posted in: Competition, Forum News

It took 5 months and 19 rounds to get there but we finally have a winner in the inaugural edition of Last Team Standing!

With 2 points more than his closest rival (and a superior goal difference) Jason Mills is our first ever winner of this competition and although turnout may have been low (with only 3 regular contestants) this was a good first try.


Winners Table

Table winner


For the next iteration of Last Team Standing I hope to have a mini-site programmed and ready to go, automating much of the process and allowing anyone to log-in and take part with the system taking much of the load.

It will look an awful lot better as well!

As I promised the victor right at the start of the year, Jason Mills will be receiving an exclusive TipsterHQ t-shirt and seeing as Bernardo Baltazar pushed him right up to the last day, Bernardo will also be getting a t-shirt in the post.Premier League Tipster

As our (currently) only professional tipster on TipsterHQ, you could argue that Jason had an unfair advantage BUT Bernardo is also a pro tipster (on and it was good to see two pro's battling it out during the second half of this season.

Hopefully both will return next season.

As it's the kind of guy I am.  I've run the numbers on the top 2 and found that by backing purely the win option in the match odds market.  Both Jason and Bernardo would have been profitable over the last 5 (and a bit) months.  Jason would have made 4.42 units of profit, Bernardo picked up 1.09 so Jason is once again the winner in that respect!

I did try to think of a competition for Euro 2016 but there will be plenty going on over the summer and I'll be working on my own betting for that competition (and maybe something in the Copa America) so will be concentrating there.

Congrats again to Jason Mills and I'm sure we'll have more people gunning for his crown next time round!

Stuart (Admin)


I've drawn on all my experience from working at BetAdvisor & TipsterAcademy in order to get this site built. It's been a challenge but I'm happy to bring it to you for your use.

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