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August 5, 2015 | Posted in: Analysts, Forum News

Thanks for looking at my profile. I think the best way to introduce myself is by manner of answering questions so here goes :-

Who is Jason Mills ?

I’m male and I’m English, and for my sins I support Norwich City. My love for football started at a very young age. But growing up it soon became clear that I lacked the speed necessary for playing outfield, so I ended up being a fairly decent goalkeeper. Part of being a good goalie is learning to develop skills at reading the game, the strategies and the tactics, and it's probably why I like chess as well, but I digress. My love for numbers came a little later, and I guess it was inevitable that I would try and combine these two passions together to make money.

What path have you taken to get this far ?

I have been taking on odds compilers since I was 18, I took a break while my family grew up, but restarted and for the last 15 years I have made a steady consistent profit, year on year. I have been a member of a number of top betting forums under different names, offering advice to those who wanted to learn, and at the same time learning from others myself. It was by another forum member, that I was directed to Tipster Academy, after a strict trial I qualified to join Betadvisor as one of their professional tipsters, before moving the Jason Mills service on to Tipster HQ and proofing my tips on SBC.

Why not just keep the tips to yourself?

Good question and one you should be asking any so called tipster - I did is the truthful answer, but I am in it to make money just like anybody who chooses to follow me. I am from humble stock and over the years my betting bank has grown considerably, but my bets still are nowhere near the size of other professionals I know. I place my own bets first and then wait a little while before posting out my tips. The Premiership League market has huge liquidity and it easily absorbs £1,000's of pound bet, just look at any Premier League game on Betfair to see the amount of money traded, and that's without including all the other bookies and exchanges.Euro Banknoten

The prices I post are the prices that you can easily get and for a decent amount staked, often you will get even better prices, due to the time limits I personally place on myself to give followers enough time to place their bets.

How do you select your tips ?

There are those who use astrology, there are those who use instinct, there are those who generally have a “gut feeling “for their bets, and there are those who crunch data - I am very much on the numbers and statistical side. I create my own ratings and convert them into odds for the Jason Mills service, I then compare these odds against the prices readily available in the marketplace. When we have an advantage I post the tip.

When I first started, computers were very basic, but I was still profitable. Over the years I have gradually improved my methods, with the last few years being my most successful due to the availability of quality information over the internet and the birth of the betting exchanges.Statistics

Why should I trust you ?

My selections are statistically chosen from my own large database of information going back a number of years. This information is crucial to be able to profit consistently and long-term. It's easy when things are going well but having such a strong foundation is a great help when results enter a negative phase, as it takes all the worry, emotion and self-doubt out of the equation.

I am very aware that anybody who chooses to follow my tips here on TipsterHQ are doing so with their hard earned money, I want to reassure you that I will not post up any tips that I am not betting on myself.

If you start with a betting bank 20x the size of your chosen stake and just follow my selections you will be profitable long-term.

Jason Mills.

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Jason Mills

Jason Mills

Professional Tipster exclusive to TipsterHQ specialising in English Premier League football.


  1. Sweepp
    December 17, 2015

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    I am new to this community, can someone get me started with the latest odds,thank you

  2. Alonge olanrewaju gabriel
    June 20, 2017

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    love to be a member of dis group and i hope it will be a profitable one for me.

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