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Nice – Nancy (Tip)

April 19, 2017 | Posted in: Past Tips, Uncategorized

Let's be realistic. Odds are not, in my opinion. On Saturday, at 17:00 on Allianz Riviera, 3rd placed Nice will host 17th placed Nancy. Nice who lost points in away matches with Rennes and Nantes and home match against Caen, is in position where they cannot afford any mistakes if they want to stay involved in battle for league tittle. Balotelli will miss the match because of yellow cards, Plea is injured, which means that we can expect Bihan in attack, or maybe Favre will prepare someone else for that position. With 70 points after 32 matches, people are fascinated by result of this team, and no it's not because of Balotelli. I'm not saying that he didn't have impact on the team, but he missed a lot of matches, and they won a lot of points also without him. They have shown in Lille how much do they care about the teams in relegation battle. Whole analysis here:




Asian Handicap

Nice -0.75







As analysed, Nice was far better team on the pitch. Even without both main strikers Plea and Balotelli, they were simply too good in midfield and Nancy didn't create almost anything. Except one set-piece situation and on chance in second half at 2-1, they weren't dangerous at all. Their first goal came after big mistake of Eysseric after corner kick. Most of all was exactly as expected, so I am satisfied with both, analysis and prediction.



I am former football player, played and trained under different coaches, also in the highest division, but stopped playing because of pretty serious back injury. I’ve been always passionate about tactics and my analysis are pretty different then analysis you are used to see. I am trying to predict who will have bigger possession, possibilities of creating chances, on which areas of pitch teams will be in advantage, and where in disadvantage. Calculations are more or less made on average performances of players/teams, and because the ball is round I am aware that everything can happen, but sports betting business is long distance run and in long term I know that this tactics is bringing me good results. Thanks to a friend, I was lucky to get to know the world of arbing. I believe that many of you don't know this word, but it's about sports arbitrage, where you are covering both (all) sides of the bet. Because of arbing, my knowledge about odds, bookmakers, odds movements, closing odds, is much much bigger. Remember, that knowing just the sport side of sports betting is not enough!

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