Tipster records available at:

Advised Odds

This is basically the same as you would see on other sites, these are the results at the odds advised by the tipster you’ve chosen to follow.

Starting Price

When updating results we ask all tipsters to enter the odds available at the start of the event.  This way you will be able to see if a tipster is profitable even after all of those pesky odds movements.  A tipster that works in strong markets should still be profitable but with this system you’ll be able to judge for yourself.

Average Achieved Odds

As part of the unique crowd proofing system on TipsterHQ we ask you to note the odds that you achieve.  Don’t worry, those results are kept strictly private and will not be shared.  We take the average of all of those odds and display what those results would be like.  This should show how badly a tipsters advised odds are effected by their clients tips.

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