Open access to your chosen sports analyst

If we’re asking you to act responsibly and in an adult fashion (we are by the way) then it would be silly of us to then turn around and say that “we don’t trust you in your interactions with your chosen tipster”.

So we’ve decided to allow you free reign to ask any questions you may have to the tipsters you’re following, whether that’s in the open TipsterHQ forum or in a “pro” tipsters private¬†forum. ¬†Of course the tipster may choose to not answer your question but that’s their choice, we treat them as professionals and allow them to run their service the way they want.

We encourage you to give constructive feedback in order to improve any aspect of the service and we’re not going to stand in your way to do so.

So, there’s no 3rd party interference here and no need to ask our permission.

Go for it.

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