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The sports analysts that we choose to work with have an extended history of sports betting and have been making money for those that follow their tips for years.

TipsterHQ is not a cookie cutter service that can be found anywhere else.  You can discuss possible selections with your tipster, ask them questions and get feedback from them without a third party stepping between you. You can report the odds that you achieve at the bookies and each sports analysts profile shows the average achieved odds that TipsterHQ members provide.  

No-one else provides this kind of crowd-proofing for their selections and I am determined to allow you a voice. The sports analysts we work with choose to do so, they are not obliged under contract to send out tips that they don’t feel have a chance of winning and they (like you) have a say in the running of this site and the progression it makes. We firmly believe that the sports analysts that have been chosen are some of the best around and if you follow these guys with a serious outlook and a sensible approach, you can make money from sports betting.

We are not going to promise you that you can’t fail, you can. We are not going to promise you this is a get rich quick scheme, it isn’t.  

This is a serious approach to sports betting and we invite you to join the TipsterHQ community and not only follow out sports analysts selections,  but share your experiences with us and learn from the other users of the site.

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