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July 8, 2015 | Posted in: Forum News

Back in July 2015 I hit the button and made TipsterHQ "live".  Since then I've had a few questions, hopefully this will help:

So what is TipsterHQ?

Put simply, TipsterHQ is a sports betting forum where you have the chance to not only meet up and discuss betting strategies with other professional bettors but you can also enter your own tips, either for public viewing or restricted to your private use.

Tipster HQ text logoTipsterHQ gives you the chance to build up your reputation as a tipster (if that's what you want) as well as the option to follow other "tipsters" through the use of our email alerts.  If you already have a strong reputation as a tipster and just wish to talk to others who make their money (or one day hope to) from sports betting then you can choose to enter "free tips" which will be published on the TipsterHQ front page, facebook and twitter accounts.

That gives you a free posting on the front page as well as on the sites Facebook & Twitter pages.  If you're going to do that you better make sure that your odds are correct and that you haven't made any errors because I have a feeling the users of this site will not be forgiving,  you will be asked to include a link to the site where the odds can be verified and the users of this site will be able to enter the odds they achieved when placing the bet in (what we believe is) the betting worlds first "crowd proofing" system.

If you're betting on the selections made, please take the time to let us know what odds you achieved, we will use that information to display the results according to average achieved odds, another first in the world of betting.  Don't worry, we're not going to say what odds everybody got and who bet on each tip, we're just displaying the average of all the odds entered.

How do I add a tip?

I expected this question would come up so I made a video explaining how to do just that:

and of course, once you've entered a tip, you need to know how to update it with the result:

Will people cheat?  

Yes, it's bound to happen but report it to me and I'll have a word with the tipster.  If it happens repeatedly then I'll remove their posting rights.

Don't hate me for it but I will be using affiliate links at times on the site.  I say this up front to you now so you don't get a shock later.  Using an affiliate link doesn't cost you any more, it just helps me cover the costs of this site and maybe (one day) make a little money as well.  I've put everything we have into this site and bet my future on it.  Let's see what we can produce if we all work together!

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Stuart (Admin)


I've drawn on all my experience from working at BetAdvisor & TipsterAcademy in order to get this site built. It's been a challenge but I'm happy to bring it to you for your use.

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