What is Crowd Proofing?

Let’s be honest here, this can be a nasty industry with people trying to part you from your money in various ways.  Through our previous experience we’ve seen a lot of people try lots of things to “get away” with faking results, entering fake odds or adding “tips” after the event has taken place.

To combat that we’ve introduced crowd proofing here at TipsterHQ but…

What is “Crowd Proofing”?

Crowd Proofing is where you get to be an integral part of this site.  You tell us what’s wrong and we act on it.  Unlike other sites, it’s not just preferred, it’s crucial to the way this site works!

For every tip published you have the chance to report the tip if it’s blatantly wrong or, more importantly, click on the “Update Odds/Result” button.

Update odds with crowd proofing

That’s your chance to tell us the odds you achieved on the tip that was given and tell us the result of that tip if you’re entering it after the event has taken place.

We take all of the odds that you enter and we work out the average odds achieved by all of the site users taking part.  We then work out the results at those average achieved odds and display them on the tipsters profile page.  If the odds go up, then the tipster does better.  If they go down then, well you get the idea.

Why have we done this?

People cheat, there is no getting around that.  There will always be people that try to “work the system” and crowd proofing is the easiest and most flexible way of catching and removing those people from the site.

The TipsterHQ team is a small one and we don’t want to miss out on anything.  We also want to provide the most accurate data for future users of the site.

It helps you too!

If the tipster that you’re following is working in a low liquidity league, then future clients will be able to tell from the odds you achieve that it may be better to look elsewhere.  That means the number of followers is self regulating and we shouldn’t need to “close” any tipster accounts to new members.

Crowd Proofing

So, help yourself and help others by letting us know what odds you achieve.  Also tell us when a tipster is cheating and we’ll deal with it.

You are not a “client number” to us.  You are an extended (and unpaid) member of our team and you will get a say in pretty much everything we do.

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