About TipsterHQ

About TipsterHQ

TipsterHQ was set up as a bit of a passion project for me.  During my time at BetAdvisor and Tipster Academy I always felt there was a “better” way of doing things.  A way that would put you, the client or user, at the heart of the process.

For too long I felt that tipster sites were guilty of providing one-way communication only.  To actually talk to a tipster you had to go through customer support or find their social media pages.  For some reason it was felt that it was better to protect the tipster from the people actually paying for their services.

As you may have guessed, TipsterHQ is not your typical tipster site.  Let me go through the fundamental elements of this site:

  • With us you have access to the sports analyst you follow.  You are invited to raise points and ask the questions that help you get the most out of your time on the site.
  • On this site you can tell us what odds you achieved with the advised selections & these odds are recorded and displayed for everyone to see after the event has passed.
  • We treat you like the adult you are, in return we expect you to act accordingly and respect the other members of the forum that you have chosen to sign up to.
  • You get a say in which new sports analysts are given the chance to earn money from this site.  The decision is not be taken above your heads, instead you have a vital role to play when it comes to deciding which tipsters are given this opportunity.

I think it’s also important to say what this site isn’t so please bear with me whilst I go through some of the things that will not be acceptable on the site:

  • This is not a site for political discussion.  The forums available on TipsterHQ is for discussing sports betting only.  If a thread is started that is not related to sports betting then it will be removed.
  • TipsterHQ does not tolerate abusive behaviour of any kind.  Attacks on another persons character, religion, politics or any element of individual choice is not tolerated.

I want you to enjoy your time on TipsterHQ and I also want you to profit from it.  I look forward to welcoming you into the community of professional bettors that frequent this site but I will also work hard to protect that community and remove anyone who endangers it.   Tipster HQ image  

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